Let The Robots Take Over…Our Trash

Do you care about our planet? Do YOU recycle?

Well, to be honest, I try my best, but sometimes I find it kind of confusing. A lot of times when I find myself in a situation when I don’t know if something is recyclable or not, I just throw it in the regular bin. Hey, at least I’m not polluting the environment, right? 

Turns out that I’m not the only one facing a plastic recycling dilemma. According to National Geographic

A whopping 91% plastic in our planet is NOT recycled!

That’s not all.

In a country as developed as the USA, where over 90% of the entire population has access to paper, bottles and other types of solid plastic recycling; 

Nine-tenths of all solid waste in the USA does not get recycled.

What if…ROBOTS could do the garbage sorting for us?

Sounds a little too over-dramatic right?


Turns out that I’m not the only one who thought of letting robots do the dirty work for us.

Enter: AMP Robotics

This company uses the power of sophisticated computer vision and Artificial Intelligence to make robots, that are capable of accurately sorting out recyclable garbage from conveyor belts at waste disposal sites.

These robots are smart enough to even pull-out recyclable waste by separating them from a pile of mixed rubbish, that can be found at landfills.

See the robot in action

I don’t know about you all, but not having to worry about all the bottles, plastic bags, cartons, straws, styrofoam cups, toothbrush etc. – that we throw in the trash cans and letting a smart robot taking care of all the recycling – makes me very optimistic about the future.

Thanks for Reading 🙂 

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