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IBM Watson Health

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A few years ago my uncle – Sajjad – at an young age of 28 became victim of an abrupt heart attack, which later caused his tragic and untimely death.

He was my mom’s only brother; the funniest of my uncles. Everyone in my family and I miss him dearly.

At the time of his death, he was taking numerous medications and pills and had just gotten out of rehab.

Here’s the most annoying part of the story; my uncle, who finally passed away because of a severe ‘heart attack’ was in fact -NEVER – treated for any kind of heart-related conditions. Everyone in my family, and unfortunately even the doctors were only focussed on his addiction problems. They were only treating him for his withdrawal symptoms and somehow, his heart condition, which later turned out to be the main culprit, went completely unnoticed. 

It’s cases like my uncle’s and hundreds of others like his, that IBM is trying to prevent from happening with the help of their AI – IBM Watson Health.

Think of IBM’s powerful AI in this way:

What if you had a personal ‘health assistant’ whose only job was to record all of your medical histories and keep them updated? This ‘assistant’ would keep records of all your medical examinations, X-rays, test results, medications and prescriptions related to every single health condition that you ever experienced your entire life. So the next time you go to any doctor, your ‘assistant’ would first sit with him and present all your medical records and discuss your current health issues. Your ‘assistant’ and doctor would work together and find out EXACTLY what you need to be treated. NO chance of time wastage or false treatment, AT ALL.

This ‘assistant’ is none other than IBM’s impressive health AI. 

IBM’s cloud services make use of the huge amount of data that are generated by the medical industry via scientific records, guidelines, books, medical records, patient-reported data, claims, prescriptions, and lab reports. With the use of AI, IBM Watson’s Health services make sure that all those data don’t go to waste and are systematically fed to physicians and doctors to give them crucial information about their patients. 

Check out the following video by IBM to find out more:

IBM Website

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