Wade&Wendy- The Smart AI Recruiter

This AI will surely give the HR and recruiters a run for their money!

We are heading towards a time when artificial intelligence and human beings will work together and coherently towards reaching our goals.

How can I say this with so much confidence?

Well, I’m no prophet! The only way I can say that an AI centric time is inevitable because it’s already here. I see awesome AI-powered technology everywhere around me.

Take Wade&Wendy for instance.

This AI will have a conversation with you, and figure out the exact information that it needs to recruit the perfect candidate for your company’s hiring needs.

That was just what Wendy – the AI – is capable of doing. Wendy’s better half – Wade – on the other hand, will talk to job seekers in the comforting and ‘human-like’ manner possible. 

Just how a human recruiter tries to have meaningful conversations with CEO’s & managers, in order to fully understand and adapt to their changing needs; the same way Wade&Wendy will keep on growing and learning as it engages in more number of conversations.

Check out their website to find out more about this Artificial ‘Human-like’ recruiter.

Wanna meet an AI that likes tasting beer? Check this out—> Gastrograph


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