Deep Vision

AI With Advanced Face Recognition Power 

This is one of those AI powered technology that narrows the bridge between reality and sci-fi.

Screenshot From The FiIm – Anon

The picture above is from a movie called – Anon – that I watched just a few months back when it first came out. Everyone in this movie wears a special pair of lenses almost all the time. These lenses are basically some sort of ‘high tech’, facial recognition tools that help the users identify almost anyone they look at.

Like most people, I took the contents of the movie very lightly and considered it as nothing more than ‘exaggerated’ Hollywood entertainment and drama.

But that’s not what I think anymore! NOT AT ALL!

Deep vision is an AI-powered technology existing RIGHT NOW, that is capable of doing more or less the exact same thing as the ‘high-tech’ lenses in the movie – Anon. 

That is not even half the story!

 Besides facial recognition, Deep Vision is also capable of identifying the make, model and year of any moving car that it detects.

Check out the following video from their website to see what I’m talking about.

Deep Vision’s AI in action

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