Gastrograph AI

The AI that can predict the exact type of beer that you’ll like…EVEN BEFORE YOU TASTE IT!

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This AI uses hundreds of self-learning algorithms, to find meaningful data from customer reviews of restaurants, bars & breweries.

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Once implemented, Gastrograph AI can tell the restaurant owner exactly what type of flavor profile is perfectly suited for a specific group of customers.

Simply put, if your customer is a latin female of the millennial generation, Gastrograph will tell exactly what type of beer to recommend and sell to her. 

This powerful AI uses Genetic algorithms, to generate theoretical flavor profiles and test them against a prediction of consumer preference learned through reviews of existing products.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. MF Hdz G says:

    This is a cool novelty! AI is helping the customer by more accurately (than any human waiter) suggesting to consume something that they will like and enjoy AS WELL as helping the establishment to satisfy their costumer and make them want to come back again.


    1. Saadman Firoz says:

      Yes I agree. Very cool application indeed. Thanks for your comment 🙂


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