Do You Know Who Siri Really Is?

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The industrial revolution, the computer revolution, the internet…WHAT’S NEXT?

We have all heard about the famous equation ‘E=mc^2’ by the great Einstein. Most of us have used the famous words, ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, of the celebrity physicist known as Newton. Or…at least I have. I have been a disciple of Mathematics & Physics my entire life. Almost every book that I read in high school and later in engineering school mentioned the governing laws of physics, particularly in the realm of atoms.

But all the buzz, all the noise, inventions, breakthroughs and excitement in the world of science, ever since I was born in the early ’90s, have not been in the realm of atoms.

It has been in the realm of bits.

Conventional physics and the laws that govern our world of atoms were under the spotlight during the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840). It was during this period when human beings learned how to implement the laws of conventional physics, to mechanize  & electrify every possible activity at the time.

Cows were replaced by tractors on the field, horse carriages were replaced by automobiles on the roads.

Fast forward a few years, and we have the era of computers. The years between 1950 and early 2000 saw the boom of technological advancements in the world of computers and software.

Companies like IBM, Dell, HP, Apple & Microsoft took full advantage of this era and are now worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Then came the dawn of a completely new age. This is the age that I can relate to the most. It was…and still is the age of the Internet. During the early ‘2000s and most of my teen years, all the ‘new’ discoveries were being made in the world of the internet. Google, Yahoo, YouTube, MySpace, MSN Messenger, Amazon, Facebook you name it; everything new & exciting came from the land of the internet.

Our phones connected to the internet became our new ‘bibles’; the pioneers who made it all happen such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates &  Mark Zuckerberg became our new ‘gods’.

What’s Next?

Bill Gates & Steve Jobs hitched a ride on the revolutionary journey that led them to be the pioneers of the computer age. Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg & Elon Musk became billionaire Mongols by taking advantage of the information age.

So now what? What can we do? What’s next?

As an enthusiast of technology and an advocate to ensure the progress of science, I am always very eager to answer the questions that I presented above. My eagerness has led me to explore the cutting edge and brand new technologies that are being sculpted by scientists and entrepreneurs of the present day.

I stumbled on something quite spooky and exciting at the same time. The next ‘big thing’ is already here. It’s among us. Almost hidden in plain sight. It’s everywhere around us. You may know her..or it as Siri. But she is just a tiny speck of the grander picture. There’s so much more that’s going on in the field of artificial intelligence.


According to one of the most renowned technologists of our time, Kevin Kelly, AI is going to be the engine that will drive our civilization into a period of growth, that will dwarf the contributions that we achieved from the industrial age.

I predict that the formula for the next 10,000 startups is that you take something and you add AI to it. We’re going to repeat that by one million times, and it’s going to be really huge. – Kevin Kelly



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